I danced beside her tonight. A white dream that floated across the floor.

We spoke no language and shook no walls. But her hand in mine was all I needed.

She spun no eruption, her face cracked no happy barrier. But my lord, my lord, tonight I lived!

In a moment that lasted I framed her portrait. That mould, that sculpture of perfection that makes me cry.

& I held her.

In that instant perfection reigned & a single tear rolled.

Her cheek was smooth, cool & soft. A vinyl record played in the background.

My heart was screaming. Shouting and waging it’s own fierce war. ‘I love you!’ I mouthed.

& I cried.

& She smiled.  Leaning in, a kiss was lain upon my skin where crystal water lay.

Her sparkling snow dress held my breath as the world stood still.

Is it love to behold one so perfect? To want so much? To desire?

But now, now I sit alone upon that very floor. Her perfume selling memories of the night.

& the music was still.

Such are the dreams that I once held.


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