Lost in the Winter.

They don’t tell me your name; you’re just a fascination i hold.

– a dream i once held, one Christmas ago. A snowflake away.

You screamed and your tore my heart open

Left in it isles of the shops that I hate to walk through now.

Forced me to fall and cut my wrists; made the floor red with your hate.

You never saw my tears. Never felt my pain. Just called me a liar and then shut the door.

You never turned and saw the broken mirrors that you caused. The dreams you inspired and the stupidity you made.

Tonight was a long one. The images were real, though the strangers never knew. & the heart was still beating.

You laughed at me once. You tore out my voice and now I can’t see. Not that that matters to you.

It was a simple card that I sent. One to America. One to your house.

One to your fire.

& there you watched me burn. & you smiled.

& it was never the same again.

So you understand Miss America, why i may pause if I still wonder.

& pause in the isle. Like a fool that fell. Like a king disgraced.

Time never changes. It’s just exaggerates the pain.

Watch the snowflakes fall. & see them red.

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