A Secret for Christmas

Dear you. The reader who reads. The stranger that doesn’t know.

Can you hold a secret? Could you tell the world? & Would you give away the game?

For there’s a body beneath me. Though I am but a blanket.

& There’s a ribbon tied.

– A silver tease!

Whirling and curling and spinning out of control. I say this smiling.

& it’s tied to her toe. Or maybe her ankle.  Or maybe it’s her wrist. The one that poses.

The one that shows.

The one that illustrates her youthful skin. the broken polish. the nervous nails.

Sure, she lies beneath, quietly. But Is she frightened? Is she excited? Do you think she’s even still alive?

& then she smiles. & the tease is completed.

Or I’m lying.

& she’s suffering.

but who can say?

– Is she flirting?

– Or is she dying?

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