Books To A Red Kiss

Scarlet child played with dreams and books and frozen words

with pictures of innocence that I thought absurd

I misplaced her book and combed her hair

& within the library of silence I took her hand with care

she smiled with knowledge and danced with glee

an empty floor she shared with me

twas but a joy to find such succulent dreams

within a world of broken & blooded scenes

& in those moments in which she touched my hand

we roamed together across her fertile land

her skin inviting, our secrets formed

her mouth exciting, her body warmed

& as she smiled and her soft hair encroached

i whispered in her ear and softly hoped

wrapped in love and naked beneath

i found in her my new belief

a secret scarlet girl of words

an event that Nabokov would call absurd.

& henceforth now dear friend i ask of thee

to tell to none this fantasy.

– Shush.


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