Playing with the Pain

i didn’t want to talk about death and the end of time.

i wanted love and sex and rapturous applause.

but all this bullshit & anger that she held inside

has just erupted at me like a ten ton truck of violent noise.

& i am tired of the battles & solemn with the grief

i am trying to escape & feed my self

but the windows are broken & there’s glass underneath

and the rooms are empty & the mood is grey.

for she’s left blood in my face & a deep wound in my core

& i’m telling you now, i can’t take anymore!

I have huddled in corners & lost my mind.

I have walked the streets in paine & cried cold rivers

I have talked to the dead & made many friends

I’ve considered my demise, drowning or scissors

& all this because of a girl I once knew

a morning beauty who made it hard for me to breath

a girl who i considered was the perfect idea

a girl who knocked me down & sought to leave

but i don’t want to talk about death and the end of time.

i just want to play with your beauty, entertain you with rhyme.

tis but a simple escape.

4 thoughts on “Playing with the Pain

    • Thank you kindly Trace! 🙂 Good to hear from you on here! 🙂 I’m glad you liked it so much. I’m not sure if such thoughts should be ‘enjoyed’ – maybe appreciated huh?! But thank you. You made me smile. x


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