In Love

Ask me a question! I dare you! Say something beautiful & make it impressive.

better still smile. send a star to wash away the pain. That lingering intoxication of mine.

My head was in the stars today and I was kissing the clouds as they flew west.

but my heavy feet were stuck. the clinging mud beneath bringing me to a grinding mental stop.

& My mind was smiling, is smiling. For i am in love &, no-one knows.

Yes – that is a secret to tell to your friends!

But i’m locked away.  & my wife is dead. & i cannot tell anyone of the paine. Or of how I miss her.

& I am old now, though i still dream of her youth.  & I still kiss her sweetly, but there’s no-one there.

& i hold her. I hold her close. Though the air that surrounds is empty & unforgiving.

I wish I could relive my life – Be young. Be new. Begin. Again

& I look at you & I’m jealous.

For you can write and play and dream and realise the greatest gifts that you hold within.

But i.

I am soon to die. & I am surrounded by skeletons already. Here, waiting.

With my eyes awash, the truth is deep beyond.

Though in here you seem to see the other side to me.

You’re a distant dream. A tender yet deceitful mirage. & You remind me of her.

I still dance with her.

& we hold each others hands & I can see her smile. & i can caress her face.

& the happy gift that she plants under the cold December tree

still sits there.

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