An Early Spring Clean

So the wardrobe’s on fire – I don’t need it anymore. Full of fairy tales and bloodied stories of yore.

The clothes are gone & the memories are too, as I’m fed up my darling of living for you.

The windows are open and the smoke belches out, my bedroom’s on fire & there’s no getting out

Lungs filled with poison and my mind is now dull, of love letters n photo’s from a folder that’s full

Dreams that you gave me I now set alight, and the flames are flickering with the devil’s light

Dear you, my pretense, my fake writing friend, the one who once loved me, who set up this end

I wish you could see me with my face up the glass, dying in a heap that will burn up the past

Eradicating memories that you dumped in my mind, turn me to ashes, I’ll be impossible to find

where the beginning once was and how I gave you my heart, or the ending of love & how we fell apart

But this don’t matter to you, you’re there at my door, pretending to tear, a cheap lying whore

the house it’s now full & i’m lying on the floor, I’ve read all your lies & yet I want more

In my death as i cough & my heart is a-fire, i dedicate to you my last bedroom pyre

In the palace we made love & in the bed that we made, a distant memory now lost in the haze

I can feel the pain, the tears & the burns & I tell you my darling I’m still foolish to yearn

For you left me this day, back in 1908, filled with remorse & a heart full of hate

& as the sparkling flames kiss me with light, I lie here consumed with the tears of tonight

I will remind you again that I loved you my dear, but this life aint worth living when you fill me with fear.


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