tears & happiness

You make me smile.

You pretend you’re God & i like that!

I think you’re full of shit though. Not that you care.

You’re happy if I kiss you…You cry if I don’t.

& I love our debates! I love it when we sit down in the shop and astound the world with our words of great magnitude.

& I love it when we hold one another & the assistants don’t know what to do.

You make me laugh!

You make me cry.

So I bought the world for you today. I spent my money…& I made you smile. I saw you in the mirrors and the windows & the faces of the children passing by.  God you make me smile. & my heart is full. Heavy.

I love the fact that you hold onto me when we run the RED lights! I love your screams. I love your giggles. I love your nervousness. I love the way you stroke my ear. I love how you comb your hair behind yours.

Woman, If you could hear me now.

…If you could hear me.

Then everything would be alright.


…it would all make sense.


© Ed Simkins


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