Un-Poetic Thoughts

So most of the world has gone – ventured forth & seen a new year begin.

Here in the land where time began, it’s twenty to eight & I’m wondering what to do.

In my head i’ve nothing to see, so i’m throwing out my house.

The stuff has gone and the walls are down too.

I’ve decided to follow the monkshood for the priests are scary sons of a-something.

I prefer the sanity of mountains and the intensity of boredom.

So that is my lot for the next block of 3 – 6 – 5 and all the nights too.

No screaming sexuality, no raucous conquests for me.

This maverick son of god follows the sanctity of nature, of a beauty born from thought.

So I wish you all well on this marvellous night of last minute festivities

I wish you all well on conquering yourselves.

& I only hope i see you at the end & kiss you goodnight again

– When the beauty of all is clear to see.

Happy New Year & spread the word of peace & goodwill.

*Love & Huggs & Kisses to girls, Hi fives & Smiles to the dudes & the rogues*

Be Blessed.

(c) Ed Simkins

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