Death Of Love

Pictures and photos and bodies remain. the love of a life has gone.

the blood is dried and the knives are down. the fighting’s over.

I love you.

but you killed yourself.

& it never made sense to me.

I see you lying there. unclothed and perfect. smiling. laughing. giggling and teasing.

my tears fall.

for no longer are you there.  but memory falls. & memory cries.

no comfort. no ease. no joyous victory.

just death. & silence. & the unforgiving anger you left me with.

You’re a girl who lost herself & died.

& i ask you. who was it easier for?

Not i who remains to lay the petals down each night. Not i who sees the ghosts you leave behind.

I love you. I love you!!!!!

But silent hand has taken you. Your own life ended. & another day. no pain.

at least for you. at least for you.

& i look deeply, longingly into your vanished eyes & god i wish you were here!

i miss you!

…i miss you…

& my heart is heavy with the pain and the foolishness and the stupidity of someone who survives. of someone who dreams and longs and wants and breathes. & would i take your place?

How do I exist without you? Now that you lie within a bed of stone.

& i am sick of this!

& unlike you….it just wont go away.

my tears roll & the full moon stares back.

& it cares nothing for the end of love.

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