Secret Eyes

I love the fact that your turn your head to see me.

Each time you smile, & without acknowledgement to the crowd around us, i die a happy death!

I can never decide if I should come across & kiss you. to show you how i feel. to make that mistake.

I know that I’m not allowed. but how easily i could & i would & …oh! 🙂

It’s a simple truth that your beauty radiates through the cold, still room. & no-one notices.

No-one But i.

& How, how I love our secret! How I love to whisper discreet impositions into your angelic, delicate little ear.  How i’d love to stroke your hair, uncurl it and tease you & hold you. & more.

But it’s a secret I hold to. I must.

& I’ll gladly watch you. I’ll kiss your smile each time you look at me.

Each time you wink. Each time you motion a soft phrase of delight and send it my way.

One day you’ll say ‘please’ & then a king, your king, will i be.

Oh how those tender eyes tell me that story & how i dream upon your gaze!

How I dream!

(c) Ed Simkins

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