Goddess, Beauty, Enchantress

Ah my funny little dream! My smiling giddy fantasy! My wicked delight!

& there you were!!!!

A pleasure so tormenting that only a gent could die in such a happy way!

& again i smile! Gleefully! Simply! Like a four year old child with a heartwarming secret!

For what do i care, or any man alive when beauty forms, not in paintings by stupendous artists of old, nor buildings by architects of heaven, nor even that of green nature in which i tend to joy in escape.

No! Not this simple self-satisfied, smug of superficiality. Oh No!

This heavenly ecstasy in base delight stems simply & stunningly from the firm, smooth curves of an angel unknown!

& apologies rendered & many and served to the joy of my female friends across this crazy world, but any man will surely rejoice!

For curves are dangerous, beautiful things! Joyous pleasures! Sweet drugs from heaven that fall within our eyes!

& who am i but a simple man. a lowly, base descendent of a ancient procreating humanoid. Who am I to deny my fate?

& my happiness! – even if it be so superficial!

Ah, but in beauty of a lady born, an angel with wings and a body that screams in devilish ecstasy, who am i to deny my joy!?

If a Girl is beauty in curved perfection, then i am but a servant to this intoxication!

& again…i smile.


(c) Ed Simkins

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