*the nine o’clock shift*

Orange juice and softness, a gentle demise & a knowing smile in tonight’s darkening gloom.

Such is happiness!

Fireside candles glowing, flickering, playing besides this weary, well-worn body.

& I am happy!

Another night, another day, another secret for me to tell – & i know you like my secrets to be told – & so i tell.

…That dress!

That wicked, playful, guarded gate to the joyful garden of blissful death. How i laugh in amusement with the dreams i have had!

We spoke today. & we kissed. & she held my hand and squeezed it thoughtfully. Her eyes never leaving mine!

& though you can’t see my eyes smile right now, alight in strong flames do they glow…& sing…& dream.

& the background music plays again. for like desire, it burns in repetition & leads me in to a deep, dark, sweet joyful loss of mind!

& then to her.

In her slim summer dress she sings. She twirls and dances and skips and smiles.

& my mouth reacts in tortured insanity!

& her thighs! How I love those thighs!

Or at least i am teased by the sight of the skin that slides towards her provocative thighs! & i laugh!

& then her arms! – oh, tender, charming, playful, toned controllers of my mind!

ah…& i sit here. & like a lunatic, I grin again! Wider! Brighter!

& with insane delusions, I dream of that dress each day, until in my mind, her warm soft skin reveals its touch to my mine & her sweet young face glimmers in innocent delight.

She smiles once more & she is gone.

& i am truly happy inside

For I have met her once before & loved her well.

& so I will again.

I promise.

(c) Ed Simkins

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