A simple hidden letter that you wont understand

your face is desire. with a softness and a cuteness and a sigh that makes me dream.

your button-like nose aches to be touched, a stretch of flesh that fingers glide

your porcelain cheeks which glow in pink, & a hint of soft red which sparks warmth in my heart

i love the softness of your pale white hairs, the line of your face & the curve of your cheek

i love when you smile and your dimples appear, i love how you giggle, when your shyness erupts

there’s the flow of your hair, my fingers desire, unlock and unwind and a passion you’ll find

that neck which allures. that neck for to bite, that neck which i’d scratch, that neck so white

but let me drown and let me sink, let me fool myself and in your eyes let me say…I love you!

Egyptian princess, hard lines that attract, black guidelines of desire, surround your gaze

Brilliant blue eyes of oceans and dreams, love flirts and smiles and worships

a broken heart exists within, when your eyes fill with tears & your motions are slow

and you surrender yourself to the death of the night.

i wish you would smile, i wish you would kiss, i wish each night that in my bed did you lay

for though secrets will kill & the dangers are many

know that i adore you & worship your face.

(c) Ed Simkins


3 thoughts on “A simple hidden letter that you wont understand

  1. & two months on, i’m still writing & dreaming about her! thank you for keeping this as your top favourite poem on my site friends & bloggers. i appreciate & i’m glad you like it so much. the girl who provoked this is so very special to me & she creates so many of my other thoughts and poems on here. maybe one day she will love it or smile because of it as much as you guys did. thank you.


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