A Wake Up Call With Smiles

morning, morning! – yes an unscheduled surprise! but i just couldn’t resist you & your beautiful eyes!

& yes i’m on your bed and i’m jumping with glee! & yes i’m crazy, so just come dance with me!

why be lazy? why be cute? why lie in bed all zonked and mute?

just look at you in your pyjamas again; you’re definitely now just more than a friend!

& i want to hold your hands and swirl around and bounce and clap to what we’ve found!

for last nights bliss has woken me and set this smile of mine all free!

i’m grinning today, i’m grinning insane! your sexy body has frazzled my brain!

i’ll not describe each pleasure enjoyed, or even the teasing & NOT the toys!

you made me laugh, you made me giggle, i REALLY loved the way you wriggled!

to music loud and laughter light, I really hope for another night!

but today my dream, the sun is up & yes my love, your coffee cup

is ready waiting with toast and jam, because in love with you I really am!

and smiles and teeth are the things i show, to make you see that love has grown

and today in all this open time, i’ll enjoy you girl, for you are mine!

so wakey wakey! get out of bed! let me kiss that weary, delicious head

that scrumptious skull of fantasy, with darling eyes that smile at me!

so good morning, good morning! what a day we’ve got! & despite the winter, you know it’s HOT!

so these hugs of mine are thrown and caught, & i’ll tell you now it’s you i’ve sought!

🙂 🙂 🙂 such is the dream of…hApPiNeSs 🙂 🙂 🙂

(c) Ed Simkins


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