On Returning Home…

Hey useless!

if i started to tell you that ‘you’re full of shit!’ would you laugh and giggle just like you should?

& if i smacked your head because you pissed me off would you roll your eyes and flirt some more?

& if pushed you away and screamed at you ‘Bitch!’, would you still climb the stairs off up to our bed?

well, it’s been a long day you see & my fucking meal is late & the house is a bloody mess!

so i wonder if you care or another replacement should i find.

and your music is blasting and the mail unopened and therefore should i consider what it is you provide?

for when i’m out and a-working what the hell do you do? how much money do you raise? & who’s fucking you?

oh, did i swear? did i say something wrong? or am i just playing that role you that love?

the one of the old guy, the one who takes control. the old man with money who just comes along

and plays with his girl, makes her cry and then laugh, the one with the muscles, the one who’s just daft.

is this the role you want me to play? am i doing well? have i made your day?

you’re a funny little girl, with your curious deeds, being mother all day then loving me.

i guess we should marry, but what would that change?

& yes, i’m smiling at you cause you drive me insane.

ah thank you babe, the dinner’s done!….& what’s that for afters?

oh yeah. it’s time for your fun! 😉

– i do love you!


(c) Ed Simkins

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