Breathe By Candlelight



smile with a beauty. a strange inflamed burden of desire.

but this is a passion. a heart filled with hope.

Buddhist contemplation. evening declaration. a resting from fire. at peace with the silence.

the cold air flows in & the spirit’s engaged.

escape from the madness, no fury enraged.

in the cave where i think, the thoughts fly away

& the calmness surrounds me & i’ve nothing to say.

no talk of her beauty, of her innocent face, no aim to escape, no mental race

in the winds of tomorrow my dreams will begin, as the hours of today narrow & thin

i watch you my friend & i watch you my girl, & i know of the pain that subsumes your world,

letters i leave & prayers i now send, for the anguish you carry to come to an end.

rest now beside me & with a soft recline, breathe in with me & ignore human time.

a night full of dreams & a day full of work, let go of the meaning, let go of the hurt.

once more with a kiss, once more full of hope, with a deep loving breath, know that you’ll cope.



love has just been.

(c) Ed Simkins

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