A Memory Sparked

the ten o’clock deadline approaches so fast, i haven’t had time yet to bring up the past

a day full of tears, of giggles and screams, of laughter and pleasure and plenty of dreams

so just a short tale tonight i will share, & maybe you wont, but maybe you’ll care

a girl in the gym approached me so slow, wearing a face of someone i know

she made eyes enlarge and grinned out my face, and danced her way over that testosterone place

she made me giddy with her hair in a tail, her skin of desire, a white shade of pale

i asked her no name and she planted a kiss, and for the last few hours, i tell you i miss

her sweet tender looks, her gentle complexion, her warm sense of style, her curious affection

for she held out her hand and she asked me to dance, and i wondered right then if this was my chance

to find my princess, to acquire my girl, to find the true beauty, the One in this world

so we stood for a moment and i looked in her smile, & i tell you my friends, twas a heavenly while

til she opened her lips and revealed her teeth, an ivory set pristine underneath

& the love in the room lit up like a fire, & as i took in her beauty i began to perspire

and this made us laugh and it made us both grin & we smiled once more & then once again

and as i sit here tonight, and i know she’s asleep, her memory is etched in my mind very deep

so good night good bless, who ever you are, know that i see you on tonight’s golden star.

(c) Ed Simkins


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