The Girl In The Garden

Her naked body cold and tall, inexperienced limbs and forgotten lies. A generalization of a beauty born.

I want to kiss you!

For young girl stands in the garden watching. Hair flowing. Clothes abandoned.

I love you!

From the window I watch her and my arms are thrown around. My mind imagines biting. Her waist is small. A screaming, squeamish, wriggling delight!

She teases by standing there! Untouched. Unavailable.

Gentle shades of evening lost, the goose bumps multiply and my desire grows.

I wish to warm her. Soothe her. Hold her.

This Girl in the garden approaches & her eyes are wild with lust. Her wishful frame sleeks slowly towards. My body shakes. My stomach flies.

I never meant to fall for this girl! – This rapacious, self-confident gem of cupidity.

Her youthful body formed from immaculate rays of evening’s star, illuminating my garden with a deed yet undone.

For i WILL hold her! I WILL kiss & taste & bite & love. Caresses’ thrown will glide across.

Yet this Girl will never smile, never break, never show the flow of pleasure which cascades within.

& even though this naked girl will cover me in blanket hugs and soft, thin lips

No connection be made, no fusion sold – this defenceless, bare skinned wonder stares!

For though prepared to tease and please and break my will, & be a buoyant guarantee of ecstasy

Her name’s unknown, her body tight, her disrobed flesh my sin tonight!

& as the moon fights throw the night, this bare, graceful, elegant girl, will remain entranced & resting still

Held deep & soft & warm & firm, within the arms of mine, her’s master’s love.

(c) Ed Simkins

~ On looking through my window as the night descends in the garden


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