Sitting here

eyes asleep & a broken neck, my head it rests on battered thought.

an orange flame flickers, dances, nods in joy, its silent praise bathed in wax

waves of sound stroll back & forth, back & forth.

emptiness in my head.

the girl with hair of maiden straw, she left the world a lonely place.

she dissappeared & children learnt, that such a word is written wrong.

i sought a sight of a smiling face and ended with such fakery.

fun that should & could and would have been, mutated into climbing trees

the children climbed and laughed and fell about, the storms of rage did take a few

and then the world it paused in hidden hope, that evening slumber would now approach

& with a flight through starry sky, the horses ran & whisked me home.

To my cave of ice, a heated breath, my frozen nails and fur-lined mask

here i sit & watch my mind, a drifting thought that passes by

& with no hate, for all has gone, the news switched off and door shut tight

i rest in light that no man knows, with ghosts and dreams and broken hopes.

i bid all well and hide myself, a hiding human in his cave.

sitting, resting, waiting, his dreaming heart encaged.

(c) Ed Simkins

~ On the events of my today; through work & play & now.

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