two girls & a question

Last night she made love, she smiled & she screamed. such that relationships begin.

the steam was hot and love ejected, a turbulence dance within the waterfall.

& then this morning I found that she was gone, the girl in red cloak & her shoes.

so today a replacement found alas, yet so different from the girl who’d passed

muscles & toned & short blonde hair, petite in nature but strong in stature.

i tried to talk & words came out, but i had to end it as her lies came out

for though she was fun & yes she smiled & oh, how the conversation flowed,

i could not say that enamored love there in reason did begin to flow.

You see, i prefer my girls so sweet & clear, with stylish hair that speaks to me

American smiles & English charms, European styles & Girlish looks

I prefer my fantasy to the real thing for reality seems to only let you down

& i ask you now, how can i be with someone who lies, who cheats or worse still dies

who tries to change & rearrange the soul you’re born with, how does that work?

How does any man or girl i ask, survive a warden who tells them of some other rules

that i am wrong when i am right, that relationships are controlled, that i am nought

how do you prefer the reality of the one you’re with, compared to the love & affection of the unknown one?

the golden one who simply lets you love.

i ask you.

~ two people i met made me think

(c) Ed Simkins

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