Front-Page News

time it moves when music blares and hides the hate of burning cages

girl in red, speeds through her life and murmurs names in stages.

man on fire from horrid fate in planes his terrors waning

millionaires in broken dreams without the truth it’s naming.

i take a look at falling books and hide my soul in tables

earthquakes shiver and tortures minds whilst depression leaves you stable.

men are paid in falsehood lies and riches given to dying

while parents three are now allowed to just give up on trying.

girls in shoes & kissing laughter, smiling with desire

i’d fuck her brains out with ponytail if assured of no damnation fire.

for i would hate to die this day without a kiss of pleasure

or find from angels of the past a box of golden treasure.

you make me laugh with your lying charms and sensual dancing hips

your sexual nose and blinkered eyes and sweet moist burning lips.

but in the world that lies and hates and torments us all the same

i would be the king of war that battles hard in tortured pain

i’d kill these monsters, purify my land, kiss each pretty girl in turn

to save their sensual little thighs, such is my concern.

i’d smile and laugh and bite back horror to end this barren night

with hard fought wins and bloody freedom just for her naked sight.

~  a mix of thoughts on the BBC News & of my dreams today

(c) Ed Simkins


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