jennifer with smiles

sweet jesus and his loving prayers, that such a girl exists!

jennifer my god, my love, i adore & that is true!

you rip and stretch and bend and break and tear my heart in parts!

how can such a creature be that beauty is an art?

your smile is full and lips to kiss, oh how can i resist?

your arms that tease and tickle me, how easy to persist!

that fresh faced smile, that glint of peace, that beauty which makes me cry!

my heart it yearns to hold you close and and gaze upon your eyes.

such  pearls of paradise my dear, that find this man a-drowning

how can lust be such sweet sorrow, that god he holds me back!

he creates a beauty of such finery that one can barely speak

but mortal love that flies through me, each day i long to reach

& touch her skin, such smoothery, such skin that flows and darts

from silken hair to naked breast, hidden beneath her charms

i wish, i wish, i wish some more, that man would leave us be,

that gem of golden tongue and love would gaze again at me.

for when she does my world is us and she is all my needs

i love her such that dreams exist and on my knees i plead.

she laughs and giggles and glows like stars, her playfulness excites,

that i could keep her to myself & let our love ignite!

i want to kiss and kiss some more, and feel her tender breath

to know her figure, enjoy her person, in merriment til death

i want to talk and flirt and smile and please her as i can

but if only a god existed, then would i be her man!

i love her and that is enough my friend, it’s all that i can do,

for if i asked her out again, a gentle answer no.

but i am such a fool you see, and masked wolf that i am,

that life continues, my love it seeks, i dream because i can

& secret world remains unknown, i love her that is true!

and as we play and hold and fight, my eyes will love her too.

~ happiness is when something wonderful happens 🙂

(c) Ed Simkins


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