i just need & want to say your name

a beauty queen that teases me, her belt inducing, seducing me,

she’s standing there and looking fine, i’m dying to kiss and make her mine

her smile perfection, my temple of peace, this is where my search does cease

she sways a rhythm and her hips do tease, if god existed, i’d aim to please

i’d undress that girl and stand her tall, and worship her from head to floor

she’s killing me with naked looks, her fine young body and all those nooks

she stands so close & i taste her breath, sweet attraction and her skin so fresh

my teeth to bite & hands to claw,  i lay her down on furnished floor

to caress her curves like waves on shore, with her my love i’m needing more

she smiles, we kiss, and heavens rain, with gratitude for the end of pain

we lie like that for the end of time, and i’m grinning baby, cause now you’re mine

oh dreams that come and nights that go, we bask in silence, and we feel the flow

the ecstasy sustains, then drives us on, until the basking of the morning sun

romeo and juliet in naked clothes, her body warm in silken rose

my hands enclose and love once more, cause my heart is fixed, no longer torn.

if only i could say my dreams, then i would call & say believe!

i just need & want to say your name, i adore so much, i’m quite insane!

~ a beautiful dream about a beautiful girl 🙂

(c) ed simkins

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