To you, most beautiful girl.

Tonight you lie in silk & a whisper I hereby send to you.

Dear ……,
Alight those pillows, release my love
In pleasant dreams & let me pleasure you.
Let my soft kisses address your perfect lips
& allow these feelings sent to warm your fragile heart.

For I love you.

I see your pretty face & it kills me so.
Your porcelain skin, embarrassed red.
Another worried sign & my heart will break.
Your frightened face so sweet, so becoming, so adorable.
So very cute.

& I adore you.
But I cannot tell.
& with that I die a million hidden deaths!
For I would love to hold your hand!
To have you rest your beautiful weary head against me.
& I would hold you until you smiled. Til peace overcame you. Til sleep took over.
& I would leave a single precious kiss pressed gently against your temple.
By your immaculate hair.
Plaited. Long. Delicious.
Flowing locks of fantasies,
Silken strands which tease my mind.

But I cannot touch.
Though your striking eyes lure me in,
When raised from nervous escape.
& then & when, oh flirtatious eyes collide & you smile…
& A thousand million longing dreams!
But lady when I see you cry. If but just a single tear.
My god, I reach for you! Though I dare not show & break your trust.
Or cusp so delicately your reddened cheeks so perfectly formed.
But drown alone within your gentle voice, which sighs & hopes & joys.
Lord & Friends & distant Family, such a girl was never made by human hands!
So tender. Timid. & oh so sweet.

& yes, Dear …… you make my world shine.
Though you cannot see. Or care.
But could anyone appreciate or love you more than I?
& so, how cruel that fate will never set
These loyal lips against your warm & girlish innocent skin.

Oh I wish you could love me.

Such as I love you.

~ I write about a dream I cannot hold. A beautiful, charming, endearing dream.
© Ed Simkins

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