Meeting Someone New

Volcanic smiles erupt on face,
A simple child with gorgeous toy,
A balloon it rises, or perhaps my heart?
A foolish man in brand new joy.
But though I know the rules and fate,
In simple ways I love to play!
For what else to do for wise old owl,
But dream from high and watch her past.
So he smiles in delight as the doors bring forth,
And out she pours, the fine young miss.
Her gratitude so fresh, the dream begins,
Upon the stairs a simple chat.
A mistake or two but roles are played;
He the knight who holds the sword
& she the lady, a maiden in white.
Together they escape and in the lot,
The carriage waits and words exchanged.
He smiles so bright, outshines the light,
Of stars, the moon and sleeping frogs,
Though none were kissed, he cannot care,
For drugs are took when damsel laughs.
And giggles play on wearied ears,
Each step they took he made his mark
And laughter flowed on crimson lips.
& then in ecstasy at pleasant dreams,
He walked away and told the world of such delight!
Her naked body, so fine and young,
So toned and fresh, electric views and solid mind.
Her dark alluring pony tail,
Her pretty face with eyes that stole,
My heart and all my mind that swooned,
And hence I grinned from earth to moon,
Her name not known, but lesson learnt,
A sweet delicious memory earned!

~ The perks of Yoga!

(c) Ed Simkins

5 thoughts on “Meeting Someone New

    • It’s lovely to hear so many lovely thoughts from you. many thanks! 🙂 as to a link to the blog, there’s two on the top left of the screen – ‘Follow Poetry By Impulse’ & ‘I’d like Email Updates’. There’s always the tweets page. I hope you keep following 🙂 Again, thanks for your interest, it warms my heart 🙂 I like the idea of hooking folk on here! 😛 🙂


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