Love Flows

The fingers flex.
A Midnight moon.
Purple sky on fire.

The beauty of her naked flesh upon the crimson sand.
With danger in the water & broken depths of time.

I stand upon the water’s edge, my dreams afire with Love.
Silence speaks of distance grown & face of stars above.

I love this earth. i love my dreams. I see the smoke arise.
Injected swirls, I breath her in. caress her skin, her naked earth.

Shooting stars & love are made. I taste her virgin kiss.
Her beauteous form, her dimples too. High on drugs, we dance & fuck.

We laugh in midnight sun my friend, we sit & welcome songs.
Peace is heard In golden tones, & sensual love is shared.

Her valleys flow, her mountains rise, & smiling wonders beguile her eyes.
Each night I’ve dreamt of delicacy, of such a girl I’ve met

I have pleasured every part of her, in mind that dies alone.
& begged in stolen screams my love, for childish greetings home.

This planet which forms has loved me so, that child who loves will never now.
I’m high as steam & looking out, on oceans deep & great.

I need to love & hold her so, like forests need the rain,
I’d pin her down or turn her round & enter her with smiles.

& loving her like a precious girl with morning clothes so white.
This night time breeze will blow & storm as I stand alone & think.

I have conquered every failure here & this my last is great.
This night be still, lay down beside, Your innocence a cherished dream.

Your temple sought in nervous dreams, though emboldened by caress,
You, most perfect human being, ever growing like the Earth.

You I’d love like golden coins, or the blood which fills my vein,
That I could share my dreams with you, If god had made the Earth.

~ Obsessed? Maybe. But she is incredible!

(c) Ed Simkins

8 thoughts on “Love Flows

      • I’m glad I was able to make you grin hugely! Haha 😉
        There is no need to impress me, however what you need to do, is easy: simply keep writing what’s on your mind and what comes from within YOU! 😀

        I’ve had a quick look around your blog and I already like what I’ve found here. So beware! I’ll be back to look around a little more! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • Me, too! 😀

        Oh yeah, I know. It’s a strange feeling, a scary feeling to put the words of your heart out there just like that with one single click. Letting them sit there, waiting to be devoured by the hungry eyes of ANYONE in the whole wide world (Well, look at me. I’m from Germany! 😉 )!
        Buuut, you get used to it! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • sei gegrüßt! (is that right?) It’s odd in having people scrutinize your thoughts, but it’s lovely when people like the things you send out. 🙂 & even better when you get great comments! 😛 🙂 Yeah, it did make me laugh & smile when i found people from ALL over the world were reading these things. How cool is that! I will come visit your blog & get my happy revenge in a bit sir! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha, now I’m sitting here laughing in front of my laptop looking like a crazy person! 😀
        I didn’t expect that! ^^ Yes, although it’s a bit too old-timey, it is correct. 😛
        It’s very cool!! I love commenting and interacting with like-minded individuals on WP. There’re so many amazing people on here..
        Haha! “Happy revenge”, oohh.. the images that come to mind when I think about this opposing collision of words!
        You’re a true wordsmith!
        Great.. now you’ve triggered something in my head and I can feel an idea coming up soon. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • i wouldnt tell everyone that! they might not let you come back to the computer!! 😛 old-timey??? – haha, suits me then! i’m very old fashioned! how long have you been in Blogg world? yes, theres lots of funny people in here!! explains how i got in here! 🙂 wordsmith?? – oh i wish! i’ve sparked an idea?? eek! 😛 thanks for the likes earlier! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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