I look at your face

& I think.
Can I undress you? Wrap you in soft blanket?
All scarlet & fluffy, all warm & all sunny.
For My girl, I would hold you so near,
& stroke teasingly, gently, your precious sweet ear
& Caress lovingly your hair with a manner so fair
For your curls & your whispers that flow & which ebb,
With desire & affection entwined in love’s web,
& those petals of love which glow on your cheeks,
& your cute little nose which my fingers do seek,
I’d glide over features around curves of the night,
Your sexy little dimples which stoke up delight.
& as you smile & I burn, sensations will roar,
For I look at your face & my passion wants more.
The gentlest skin, your hue of red fire,
I long to caress, to pause & admire.
Such happy lips that the world has yet seen,
My dreams of ivory that leads me within.
I would hold you & cup you, & then tracing your lip,
As your eyes they do sparkle & my heart it does slip,
You smile & you giggle & I rip out my heart
& I place it before you, for it’s all but a start.
You see I hold you in worship, for I know that it’s right,
Your hands on my shoulders when my breathing is tight.
So giddy you are, so perfect & true,
No idea about love, no idea I see you.
We pause in brief moments & alive I exist
Holding & kicking for this moment to persist.
I could kiss you, I could love you, I could worship & more.
I could tell you I love you – That I need you and more!
That I live in that moment, that I pray for the next.
For who wants to live life as a titanic wreck?
So I say that I’m sorry but I love you too much.
I would read you my poems & I’d strive for your touch.
I’d tell you of passion, of my dreaming’s for you.
& I tell that my readers, these strangers so true,
Are witness to love that I have for sweet grace,
& a measure of the feeling that I have from your face,
Yours which smiles & laughs & joys & entraps,
I love you sweet angel,
I love you.
Read that.

~ Her face. I just love her face!

© Ed Simkins

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