“I love you.”

Tell her.
Tell her how I feel inside.
See me cry with pained & scarlet truth.
Watch the rivers flower.

I speak no lie.
A broken man who dies. Eyes which burn & seek & yearn.
Tears roll. & merge with words.
I wish she knew.
I wish that guts were things that changed the world for me,
For mine would spill in granted defeat if only doors would open wide & smile.

I love you.
Your beauty sings.
Each delicate movement, each perfect feature born
You steal my breath.
You ignore my being.

I sleep alone, a ghost in clothes. A memory served with forgotten jest.
Deleted pictures burnt.
How I‘d change the world if god existed or controlled the world the way he should.

& Virgin youth.
With moistened lips & soft curved face. She pains me so; unwelcome frustration.
I cannot take the fruits I seek. Nor pin her down & tender love be made.
Metal bars surround her.
Teased desire.

What use is love?
Or lust?
Or want or dreams?
Abandoned night without her here. I bruise from day to day.
I seek her smiles.
I seek her kiss.
A long, slow, tender, sweet, delicious taste. Her soft young lips which play & shake, her nervous bite.
These the things I know of well.
For each night I dream of you my love. of how in love, in paired embrace, you and I would stay.
Long & take & question why.
that this feeling found, this sensation now
could not, should not, will not last a thousand years.

For if only you knew.
That I love you.
So tell her that from me.
Tell her.
“I love you”

~ When I think of the girl of my dreams.

© Ed Simkins

11 thoughts on ““I love you.”

  1. Reblogged this on michnavs and commented:
    So many and so much has been said about love. But i am always in awe hearing it from the point of view of a man…a man who seemed to be not mindful of whether the love is reciprocated or not. I hope you guys love this one in as much as i do

    Liked by 1 person

    • firstly michnavs, thank so much for those gorgeous words! I’m really bowled over by how much you liked it! 🙂 I’m not sure if a guy is allowed to have feelings or emotions these days – let alone show them; but at least i can express them in Blogg world! & though my thoughts may scare or worry people in their intensity in the ‘real’ face to face world, at least on here they provide some outlay for me & some delectation for others, including happily, you. 🙂 it would be wonderful one day to be honest to the world and give gratitude and show happy desire to those i appreciate & admire & desire, but til then, I, with you, hope that people will read and smile or feel some connection with what i write and ramble about. Again, many thanks for your kind words and sentiments 🙂 xx


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