Saturday Night.

I need a hobby.
A Saturday night adventure.
I need to escape.
I need to fall in love.
Or fly to the moon.
For this evening is the worst.
A long day of regression.
Of tears & of dreams.
Hiding below the water
Hidden behind the door.
The torture repeats
& The music engulfs
& this fool of the living
He sits broken on the floor.
The world it has ended
& the ghosts are alive.
Pictures remind me
& the memories stream through
The week is so busy
& the soul always tired
But this night of god Saturn
He tears me & he rips me
& I’m lost out at sea
Buffeted by the waves
& conquered by loss
I regret each moment I’m alive
Til the excitement kicks in
But here on a Saturday
I wait at death’s door
& I look out the window
& I belt out my name.
But the world remains silent
& this life just drags on
You see I need an adventure
You see I just need…

~ as it is. I’m bored beyond measure! Life wasting away. Listening to ‘Jessie Ware’

© ed simkins


8 thoughts on “Saturday Night.

  1. Saturdays used to be the bane of my exixtence. Then i stopped realizing what day it was anymore. It got better when i just “DID” whatever whenever. If you make anday singularly important its bound to fall short in the grand scheme.

    Liked by 1 person

    • don’t feel bad. normal daylight hours are fine. i just get a bit down on a saturday night. have done for a long time. but i know i could be worse off in the grand scheme of things.


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