Life Alone, no reason.

23:37 & the heart is ripped.
A long walk through the darkness. Drifting through shorelines

Distance uncertain, a final fatal dream.
No-one to love & empty solitude.

The world is so large, but I can’t scream any louder
I ache for a drug that doesn’t exist.

Pleasure an illusion of the crazy & dead.
I sit in a room of which there’s no sound

I can’t tell you of the pain that I feel deep inside
You’d hate me for this weakness as the mirror pays witness.

The stars are illusions of a god which has failed
Nightmares exist in the eyes of the stranger

& money takes no more than the soul of this man.
Where is my saviour when all the thinkers are dead?

Buddha was a dreamer who retired to a tree
Smiling & kissing, a thinker in pain

No grip to be certain, a hand in the ocean
I’m drowning in not knowing, the direction I’m going.

Given a rock or a rope from an angel unknown
Once more accidentally, I’d kill & she’d moan.

Tears are my pillow, placed by my weakness
I wish I could conquer, My brain & my fate

Dreams they take over & I bid you farewell,
Though Love is a lie, it’s one that I seek.

~ On seeing the film ‘Up in the Air’ & reflecting on my life.

© ed simkins

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