Without You

I missed you again.
Your sweet angelic, beautiful face.
I miss your happiness.

I needed you tonight.
I can picture you in my minds eye.
With your sexy little smile & your naked glimmer of hope.

I need you as my saviour you know.
You’re my one real hope
My dream of how it feels

That moment you just know
The sense of completion
That strong swirling beat of love.

I need you.
It was silent without you.
It was awful without you.

Protracted & cruel
With an air of injustice
A notion of defeat

I can’t stand being without you
Cause you’re the joy in my life.
& I wanted to dance with you.

To touch & seduce you
To hold & caress you
– If only with my mind.

You see I love you, in my way
I worship & dream for you
& I wish that you knew

& that you fell for my dreams
& we could sleep through to morning
& hug through the day

We’d smile in the sunshine
& we’d talk in the evening.
& You’d wrap yourself in my arms

& beaming with intent
I’d worship you forever.
I’d love you forever!

& sing daily praises
to the joy of your name
For I can’t breathe so without you

& I’m so sad when without you
You’re the dream which ensnares me
Girl, I miss you my darling.

~ To you my sweet, beautiful girl. It kills me that You may never know of the dreams I have for you. x
© ed simkins

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