An Evening Thought To You

Allow the grey slumber of silence to draw you in.
Dreams of purple velvet cover you in thoughts.
Stillness cries but debate on moon
For love & sex & stolen lies.

I’m lost with you
A crazed secret adventure of the mind.
In the mind.
Where no-one sees but the perils of you & I.

My mind is flying, you release the hook
Balloons of freedom escape into open sky.
You hold the hugs that I enjoy
Summer colours fill the air with love.

Illusion told to me of fatal death
I wish to hide beneath this water flow.
I look at you & dream & fantasise of thee
Angel’s skin, allured, warm.

I care for nothing, I hold no chemistry of love
I give no deeds or more than smiles worn.
I cry in sleep for painful past
Where bride who died now drinks the earth.

I seek a passion lost & worse
Though rainbows only know of secret cave.
You, a hidden gem outside
Face unknown in a world of souls.

Perhaps you exist, though I’m not sure how
As evening trees sing the shadow dark.
I question god for you my friend
But his silence holds my tongue to wait.

Dreams! So many dreams have I held
That time will die before I find the one.
Creature of a certain age & fine position
I doubt no more persists in love.

I sleep once more in room of dusk
Where scarlet blankets hold on me
Breathing dark & shallow mist
I create this world for you my love.

If ever that I met you then or soon
My heart will flow with joy & talk
& lover’s night shall nightly be
A place where I’ll reside with thee.

~ a hopeful whim, a musing ode, a broken dream repeats.
© ed simkins

7 thoughts on “An Evening Thought To You

  1. well folks! I’m stumped!!! after five months, you guys & girls have created a new number one favourite!! for which i’m truly honoured & grinny! thanks so much! 🙂 maybe a little bit of pain in the world is good then??? what do you think? but i’ll see if i can get a happier one back in top place again soon. but in the mean time, thank kindly for appreciating the above ramble of pain! …do i put a 🙂 on here now?? thank you again you lovely people! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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