Life’s Too Heavy

All that’s life sails on by
Dreams which sing & flutter.
I’m lost in a world that doesn’t know
The sense of love which sends.

In dreaming in my deepest sleep
Imagination grows
in days which flow & roll & pass.
I sit & breath it in,

Though the air is cold & still my friend
I stare out of windows lit by flowers
& wonder at where the time it goes
As Stillness plays & silence screams.

With piano sung with peace & joy.
Calm, sullen jugs of heated liquor
Travel through the throat which writes
& covers itself in solemn darkness.

Clouds of melancholy stutter deeply
My heart it ponders the win-ability of life
& lays its weary head in shame.
Unforgotten, unloved, unknown.

Defeated perplexion
A rhyme of heartache tasked with love
Eyes which see refused to taste the sights of joy
Belly warm with strong contemplation

These moments gone drunk in spirits
In silent circumcision.
I’m drunk with life, & foolish too.
Forgotten how to walk or sing.

No girl, no sense, no purpose found
I lie within the garden of this cave
& fantasise with bottle brought
& await the arrival of my god.

So a last recount to you my friend
A tale of life which knows no bound
I see the world of humans pass
I see no future hymn to sing

Fate has blown me far away.
As silent statues talk of death.
A final swig of life & down
Broken dreams collapse to ground.

~ a heavy hand in thought does write this. Maybe one day you’ll understand.
© ed simkins

3 thoughts on “Life’s Too Heavy

  1. hey newbies & hardcore nutters – all of you i love! 🙂 I love seeing your little box faces coming up below my ramblings!! you make me smile! 🙂 well what a month may has been – rambles like this one are being ‘liked’ more than ever, which amuses, interests & perversely pleases me! seeing this many nutters & wonderful readers would have made this a ‘top ten’ fav not too long ago. but i’m staggered that there’s people -YOU – who read and like it. so, thank you, thank you, thank you! & many big smiles to each of you lovelies! 🙂 xx


    • ha…don’t mean to be miss! 🙂 🙂 depends what’s happening when i’m provoked to write. i do have some happy ones to publish…i thought since i woke up late and didnt post something straight away, i could ‘bury’ a sadder one on here and no-one’d notice!! 😛 ha. but yeah, definitely got some smiley ones to come onto soon!! Promise! 🙂 x

      Liked by 1 person

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