I went to the cemetery today.
& I stood at her closed door.
I dreamt of how she used to stand there smiling.
I fell in love once more.

I cried a thousand tears
& dreamt she loved me once again
& hoped that she had room for me
From the cold & freezing rain.

Illusions are a-plenty now
When death it holds her deep
I call out her name in pain
And stand there & I weep.

I wish that she were real again,
& she’d walk my earth tonight
I’d love my bride so passionately
& I’d hold her oh so tight.

Love, it is a knife wound
Cutting through my thoughts
Forcing me to ask her
If I’ll get what I have sought.

She, my precious dream so dear
Lies there under flowers
Not caring or a-knowing
That my tears flow for hours

I leave a postcard on her stone
& roses of love I kiss for her
I stumble to my knees in grief
& wish we could confer

I’d ask her if she’d marry me
I’d ask her for my child
I’d ask for her to stay with me
So that I could see her smile.

My broken heart remembers her
Her face & beauty glowed
The warm & crazy ways she played
Her conversations flowed

If I could save the dead I would
& make a kingdom out of loving
& all these late nightmares held
Would instead be rainbows here a-coming.

~ dreams of a girl so dear.
© ed simkins

One thought on “Pilgrimage

  1. Dear Readers, you wonderful crew of funksters & well bred intellects!!! 😛 🙂 thank, thank you, thank you! squeezed in on an overpopulated fourth spot, you made this a crazy favourite of yours. many smiles & doffing of caps to you all! more cake & cups of tea to each of you! 🙂 🙂 there are some happier rambles coming soon….i just have to vent my frustration first. happy sunny days to all of you. x & high fives. 😛 🙂


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