A Tale (of sorts).

a final smile before I close, for I have rose to the greatest mantra of all the gods!
where sun and love mix with fire and strong desire burns in rods of aching want and immense occupations of delight
that if I held my heart tonight such beating fate would have to wait for death to chant the final call,
for as I stand here naked, bleeding, proud and tall, hero of the sordid sword
I laugh and grin upon my win and final battle won in gore
Where maiden hides in crimson tide & virgins smile in yellow hair
And lair of mine which sings in bliss, upon a damsel of passioned kiss
My golden child she takes my breath & bids away a horrid death
As I laugh out loud and tell the world that I have killed,
The echoes of the past.

We battled hard and slaughtered foes, the scarlet tide of a million blows
Dreams which sank in torpid bites, chasing nightmares throughout the night
Where soldiers of war & women of hate, found too late their coffined fall
As screams and sounds of bludgeoned calls & tortured minds which used to angst
& haters sought the questions asked
Why me? she’d say, as knees they fell, and matted head began to swell
The axe was long and angered well, arms they reached and muscles held
Down it crashed in mighty arc, as thunder ripped through hellish dark
The past was dead, she lay there still & all because I’d yet to kill.

So now I’ve found a precious door, dreams of more, ideas of fate
Escaping fields of blood I hate
Chasing thoughts of sweet romance, a hazy notion of sensual dance
Broken hero to king of land, holding beauty by her hand
You see me smiling, whiling through the night,
Knowing the reason for this very fight
That angel stands, horizon far, smiling beauty, yellow star,
A distant dream & so perhaps, and hero knows that time must lapse
But battles more, adventures sown,
will capture soon, the love tis known.

~ inspired by the fun conversation of a beauty known.
© ed simkins

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