Precocious little butterfly,
Tailing the winds,
Making me cry.
Making me spin.

You smile without effort
With wings of a joy
Fluttering flags
Sexual toy.

You giggle & you side-step
A nervous little smile
Tempting my future
With a criminal trial.

For butterflies shouldn’t whisper
Shouldn’t want you to come
To the window of illusion
& melt in the sun.

She waits & reveals
Her smile draws you in
Sucking at you nectar
At the poison within.

I was alive at the beginning
Excited & free
Playing with this beauty
Her nature so free

She flutters before me
& I fall like a man
Entrapped by my butterfly
As I reach out my hand.

~ to touch, to hold, to admire, to love. Such are the dreams she inspires in me.
(c) Ed Simkins 2015

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