Tears shelter pain born of fear.
Screaming dreams rip my flesh.
Hatred & self-loathing
A warning shot of terror shoots across my chest.

I see the mirror. I see the glass.
I see the knife perched on bathroom tiled edge.
Nervous thoughts exist in tears born to man.
Pause for what?

You see a naked man. a soul defeated in the errors of his ways.
Child which aged who fell on broken grass.
Lost in isles of forgone church.
No-one walks by with arms held wide.

So the bubbles of blood echo to the sides of crying.
Softly perched upon the floor he sobs.
Collapse in broken dreams.
Wide-eyed & silent now.

Stillness of the evening dark
Silence of the open door.
Startled white room with tiles of blood.
Sunk into defeat and overwhelmed.

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