Seraph Begin

your naked fingers glide and laugh. i’m teased by the brilliance of your soft wet kisses.

& i smile. & i escape.

the madness that revolves around the world outside ceases at my door, as you stand there.

stripped of thought and body taut, you tease my face. & drunk and drugged, your disrobed love inflames my famished senses.

& i smile. & i grin. & i want you.

but people scream and strangers run & the street outside is set alight. & the war is fought by blooded barons and poisoned narcotic-filled fanatics.

but in here…oh, in here!

Within this shallow grave, against your feminine approach, i find my mind surrounded by your soothe sensual sex appeal & your raucous dominant desire.

& together, we smile.

your hands – strict silken gloves across my wanton skin,  my tired eyes bathe in your delicate affection.

the shouts of death and thuds of destruction fly past the broken window as we begin to love.

& your eyes sparkle & the moment engulfs us.

Standing close against my mortal frame, your electric eyes ensnare; studying, desiring, daring, taunting.

& our hungry hearts pound as our minds dream, scream & declare their youthful yearning.

the immediate beauty of the silence around us drowns us.

for when the world outside ignites, your naked body and graceful dreams immerse my fears in a blanket of lust & love and slow, compassionate embraces.

& i hunger for you.

Seraph begin.

(c) Ed Simkins

A Night Time Symphony

Night time emptiness. eyes searching for light.

the candles flicker. the music wondrous.

a charming little fest. a final round of applause.

the girl on piano was purple & naked. she smiled as she danced on the keys.

the clarinet girl was tall & so slim. she stood on her heels & buckled her knees, with each tap of the rapperty beat.

then laughing at the trombonist, finger in his ear, the drummer beside him breaking his sticks

my favourite – the choir singing for god’s worth. destroying the lead & embarrassing the tenor,

two died in a mishap when the triangle fell. but no-one really noticed & the tickets were cheap.

late night escape with a girl from the Ninth. Beethoven smiles, a kiss of triumph.

(c) Ed Simkins