A soft warm blanket
A field of green & pleasant sky.
A dream.

Fluctuating wingspans cross the sky
Heaven holds its silence & nature breathes.
Breeze is shallow, cooling, fine
& life exists in gentle moments like these.

Girl of beauty giggles & love erupts
My heart rushes forth in tides of ecstasy.
I can hear gentle guitar play these words of love

Tender date with this child of beauteous form
Long delicate gazelle like legs
Slim waisted hips which encapsulate my lust
Her slender breasts which whisper nights of joy

& her face!
Angel illuminates the world with a sweet face of desire
Her perfect cheeks, her graceful arcs
Ear which teases sight through silken hair that flows

& That I could melt in such sweet states of bliss!
We talk & laugh in picnic tones
A rambling flow of words which cause the heart to stir
& mind which screams of exploding lust for her!

A raging tide of manic, volcanic, primeval desire hides
The secrets of my mind stay locked behind these walls of calm
Manners which chain & force me slow
Seduction funnels passions in steady time

I will love this girl in surroundings of such perfect pleasant place
Hills will see me kiss her true
Lakes will lap her sweet succulent shores
& smooth roads will follow fingers caressing her young soft skin

That hot sun basks,
Smiles at joy which covers her,
& man’s eyes will taste the love of female girlish sights.

~ a pleasant dream in a pleasant place.
© ed simkins