A Waterfall Of Thoughts

dreams are strange idylls of time, which flitter & flutter through my mind.

peaceful waterfalls flow & ebb like time itself, i walk through gardens of sensual fantasies.

you smile in dutch, i smile in french & the world itself dances & sings.

i hear myself in music blown, like symphonies of old on majestic sky, raising stages.

earth’s crust melts in heated nights, each man abducts & loves his woman.

lingerie falls, like leaves from autumnal trees, & the echos of virgin sighs pleases me.

how can i ask for more than reality to bite or for these dreams of mine to occur?

i sit here naked; a newborn Bern. easily at home within this stolen painted cave.

thoughts repeat as i ask my question, & stories told return once more.

no sign of the prettiest girl, no sexual smile, no delicious warning signs.

the loins are cold, unwanted toys, imagination plays upon her crimson dress.

money that i own, i pay for you, a rich man’s pimp who buys for pleasure.

a day of motions without unrest or meaningless stress, night draws near.

bolted locks are crossed & fused, man entrapped in simple solitude.

rambling thoughts & precious deeds revealed in abused amazement.

brain empty, sugar spent. a neutral colour now. i rest my head.

~ just thinking & reviewing my day, my hopes, my dreams, my wishes & being at peace

(c) Ed Simkins

Sheep Less Cold

Sheep attack on these darkened days, once the masters sleep and brains removed

the men they lust, the women bicker and all the children scream and howl.

let moon rise up and tides reveal a phantom phlegm of human past

a knife is drawn and leader’s back is drenched in Ceaser’s blood.

the sanity of the world has failed and brainless zombies take over

Nietzsche’s eyes they roll and squirm as UberMenshce are shot

He cries out proud & rather loud in failed pain, his intellect destroyed

for what use now is mental thought, when sheep are flocked and led.

the human race a failed dream of greed and hate and selfish deeds

i’d rather be in frozen cave than surrounded there in misery.

with whispers lied and bullshit spoke, what chance the few with brains

this tortured life in fields of sheep, where power corrupts unnamed.

i look to you as strange relief, to reveal the truth within

that people lie and kill and cheat, that few deserve to live.

when money and deceit is all that’s left, we start the modern world

my escape to woods is holy news, for lies are killed by nature

and the emptiness of their opinions backed by hope and prayer and gossip.

if god existed rather than a story born, in a cave would he rest and smile

for if he knew the bullshit of the pain, this human race he’d cull!

now pander to the lame and free! reduce the grips of law!

speak of weather being ‘less cold’ he says or or of illusions of geometry,

science forms a basic rock but the sheep in groups disdain

and force the bright to begrudge defeat through numbers of lies not thought.

~ On the inequalities & stupidity & ignorance of society

(c) Ed Simkins

Front-Page News

time it moves when music blares and hides the hate of burning cages

girl in red, speeds through her life and murmurs names in stages.

man on fire from horrid fate in planes his terrors waning

millionaires in broken dreams without the truth it’s naming.

i take a look at falling books and hide my soul in tables

earthquakes shiver and tortures minds whilst depression leaves you stable.

men are paid in falsehood lies and riches given to dying

while parents three are now allowed to just give up on trying.

girls in shoes & kissing laughter, smiling with desire

i’d fuck her brains out with ponytail if assured of no damnation fire.

for i would hate to die this day without a kiss of pleasure

or find from angels of the past a box of golden treasure.

you make me laugh with your lying charms and sensual dancing hips

your sexual nose and blinkered eyes and sweet moist burning lips.

but in the world that lies and hates and torments us all the same

i would be the king of war that battles hard in tortured pain

i’d kill these monsters, purify my land, kiss each pretty girl in turn

to save their sensual little thighs, such is my concern.

i’d smile and laugh and bite back horror to end this barren night

with hard fought wins and bloody freedom just for her naked sight.

~  a mix of thoughts on the BBC News & of my dreams today

(c) Ed Simkins