one day in seven

from plus to minus i let the words roll out, an uninhibited politician who cannot lie.

i joke around & fear controls.

it is not the falsehoods i hide but truth & honesty. for you would kill me if you knew.

i look to her for integrity, a generous lady with wealth & love

i look to him, my friend, for support & sanity.

my sister laughs & rolls her eyes

my friends they shoot the breeze & tear themselves away, my mind its free in select & chosen groups.

but this secret i cannot, will not tell. vote for me i’ll say & i will burn you alive.

cause yes, i’m the top notch MP. but fuck that you’d say!

my girl stands before & my eyes reveal the embarrassment of it all

of how i want & how i need. of all desires to hold you there.

you should see me when we talk, & i wonder if she knows, i want to ask,

do you see me worshiping lips that i’ll never touch,

your skin that i cannot enjoy or stroke

or my gaze that roams across your fine female body,

do you know i ache for you & that i am scared? that i’m afraid to tell!

can you see how i fail to control myself, that i stutter in your very presence?

but maybe i am the devil’s son & these lies i tell for you.

to hide, to protect you from the truth.

that this man before you worships you.

that i cannot stand the distance that you run.

but that i cannot stand not losing you at all.

if only a god would help.

~ when desire is not allowed to love

(c) Ed Simkins

you break me

your face still burns.

my mind eyes sees & smiles.

i kiss you.

you taste of air.

– – – – –

a wondering sense of loss

a strange removal

distance built between two loves

yours has died.

mine lives on.

– – – – –

two naked children left alone

a girl of such sunny disposition

& a boy who dreams and bleeds in wrists.

she cries for him.

he needs her.

– – – – –

i stand before her and watch her smile.

delicious pain flows through my mind.

tears roll.

she’s died.

– – – – –

we stand again and gaze in eyes.

hers dreaming.

mine dying.

people hate and stand between.

no longer can i touch you.

– – – – –

my heart breaks and falls.

young skin pleases


walks away.

– – – – –

if i could hold you

if i could love you

if i could make you smile.

then all my dreams

all my dreams

would fix us

– – – – –

and i let you go.

i let you die.

i let the dream of you escape my brain.

fantasy kissed. fantasy held.

you stand so prettily.

you break me.

~ thoughts about the girl who died, & more about the girl unseen. i love them both.

(c) Ed Simkins

:) Happiness In Books :)

I couldn’t help but grin, for god was watching from the corner of the room.

He loves books as much as me you see.

He smiled and laughed and my cheeks grinned as she walked into the room.

I find it difficult now to say, but my face explains it all. Alight & burning smiles, a volcano to the world.

Egyptian replacement was back today. A mystery enshrined in beauty.

Boy, my God was happy! He danced and skipped and clapped his hands, oh how he loves to tease!

I pinned her down, but only by her sweet smooth shoulders did I touch..

Her dress was closed and beautiful, her eyes were flames of youth.

She smiled.

God closed in and watched. What a kick he was getting out of this. His Imagination burned.

She giggled and laughed and her sexy body wriggled like a dancing dream.

Oh how the sun shone through that morning haze.

Books were ripped and thrashed and pages turned and skipped. Her tender, delicious neck alive in childish girlish heat.

& God clapped & bounced with joy. That fool who loved to play.

Her ticklish behaviour aroused suspicion, much merriment & joy.  She stood & smiled.

Egyptian hair & eyes of stars, her pale flesh was yet to sweat, though fire raged on crimson lips.

She spoke & thanked me of my kindness, she giggled once and hugged me well.

I stroked her neck & wished her luck as her journey began in earnest.

Immaculate paintings and soft voice recall a hour or two of loving meditation with her.

& In sad demise did God approach and ask me how i felt.

I replied with keenness & foolish grin of how i wish to repeat and more.

& God’s angel left the library soon & books in hand collected

I sat and dreamt and dreamed some more and yellow hair was gone.

(c) Ed Simkins

~ the pleasure of beauty & books

nine minutes alone

one last attempt & i shake my head.

my hand transfixed by the beauty of her neck.

it would not move.

her neck was warm, her lips moist and red and brightly shone.

i wished to kiss.

the pause before i escape will be long for i cannot get past her beauty.

But shall I kill or let her sleep?

*I love her*

but then I’ve written that on her walls.

Yet beats of blood splash through her veins. a tear upon her eye.

She sleeps but i guess she knows. She has been here many times before.

i long for her. but i cannot. I must not.

A brightly lit room.

but key in downstairs hall makes me scared. SHE is home & a dream must die.

Or i.

…Or i.

her flaxen hair swirls across the pillows white and her naked body escapes under crumpled clothes.

do you suppose that death should take the virgin fire and encapsulate it in my memory?

With walls of red and a loin that hurts, i know this girl will sleep and gently talk.

for i am God and god does well.

He covets and spies and seeks his pleasure, but yet, see him leave!

& know that angel rests in weary sleep, with weary dreams and weary thoughts.

i leave a kiss. planted on her soft pristine forehead. & I must run.

I must act unwell. I must act the role! the one that says that I am ghost.

& i let her sleep.

& i know that you cannot speak.

(c) Ed Simkins

~ I have no idea! I closed my eyes & this is what I saw!

The girl with yellow hair


Smile & you’ll see the face of two darling strangers running, playing.

Quick! There they go! Hurry, catch them! Running & falling in love quicker than I can ever write!

& Oh the joy of how they skip, two lovers run.

I want their beauty captured, their time immortalised,

Set the sun. Capture it. Frame it! Place the faces of the young all over the walls and watch the darkness turn back in time.

That pretty girl in youth in full state of charming grace, a strong man of words her chosen fate.

They smile.  & Still you need to watch their faces burn!

Flowers in the streets & corridors of colour. Simple echos of sounds of silent laughter.

They pause & turn, his hand stops hers.

Firm & right, her wrist is small. Their veins pulsate, their breathe resists.

& Within her eyes he says a shortened word, her face reacts with a blood red hue.

& this is love!

Yes, this is fantasy and dreams and bounds & screams of youth. This is freedom!

This is escape!

Her golden hair the daffodils friend. Her pure white cheeks, her crimson lips.

There’s no need for kiss though man would seek. Their secret radiance intensifies.

Her shining dress, her blacked gown, a floral princess in summer’s dance.

But shush!.

Quiet. The crowds are back!

Girl and boy do gaze and part & watching them; a beating a heart.

This girl is mine, though she says no name.

& I watch her.

& smile.

(c) Ed Simkins

~ A secret girl inspires

a DeViLiSh DeSiRe!

It’s tempting to kiss her. but how much would you laugh if i did?

How much would the world scream and shout and break my bones?

How much would i enjoy it? & with that. I smile.

You see delusions are fun. Devilish. Exciting.

& Around her i’m nervous; I stutter. & the dreams I’d like to get across skim and crash upon the floor like crazed Kamikazes shot down by the look in her eyes.

It doesn’t matter I guess. I wont kiss her. Not yet.

Maybe it’s too easy. Maybe she’d just say yes. Maybe she thinks the same & likes to tease and play and stroke with that delightful hair just to make me squirm. Maybe.

But i doubt it.

She smiles.

She laughs and she plays and she calls my name, though how much would she run if she knew of the devil?

Last night her sister kissed me. A slow delicate playful little mouth. A snake from my youth. That’s what i pondered as our tongues intertwined.

but i didn’t like her.

I mean she was sexy in a strange, unfathomable way…& that made her laugh. or maybe it was tears.

i never did see her again.

So now i peruse the face of the other one. THE one.

& she likes me. she tells me! i know.

– She skips and dances and fools around! & she sends me notes and wears that lipstick.

You know the one…


& I smile.

(c) Ed Simkins

Eyes of the Night

young girl sleeps in naked form. eyes watch. candles flicker.

shadows dance a midnight secret. truth to be told or his hands just kept still?

girl from next door sleeps on pillow below. a fantasy tempting but no-one will know.

her long soft hair flows through the bed. ends of torment lead to unknown.

not much time before his secret explodes. new dreams ferment & loving hands roam.

a gentle light kisses her shoulder. a touch of caress from a skin much older.

friend of a friend lies silently beneath. this child of an angel who followed her lead.

so simple to taste her, her lips sweet formation.

but resistance is kept, pleasured stimulation.

enough for tonight just to sit & watch her.

a lingering pressure & a soft delicate hand.

kiss goodnight to her gently, his minds eye engorged.

candle is taken & darkness withholds her.

a blanket smile across her form & slowly, carefully, the old man withdraws.

(c) Ed Simkins

A Wake Up Call With Smiles

morning, morning! – yes an unscheduled surprise! but i just couldn’t resist you & your beautiful eyes!

& yes i’m on your bed and i’m jumping with glee! & yes i’m crazy, so just come dance with me!

why be lazy? why be cute? why lie in bed all zonked and mute?

just look at you in your pyjamas again; you’re definitely now just more than a friend!

& i want to hold your hands and swirl around and bounce and clap to what we’ve found!

for last nights bliss has woken me and set this smile of mine all free!

i’m grinning today, i’m grinning insane! your sexy body has frazzled my brain!

i’ll not describe each pleasure enjoyed, or even the teasing & NOT the toys!

you made me laugh, you made me giggle, i REALLY loved the way you wriggled!

to music loud and laughter light, I really hope for another night!

but today my dream, the sun is up & yes my love, your coffee cup

is ready waiting with toast and jam, because in love with you I really am!

and smiles and teeth are the things i show, to make you see that love has grown

and today in all this open time, i’ll enjoy you girl, for you are mine!

so wakey wakey! get out of bed! let me kiss that weary, delicious head

that scrumptious skull of fantasy, with darling eyes that smile at me!

so good morning, good morning! what a day we’ve got! & despite the winter, you know it’s HOT!

so these hugs of mine are thrown and caught, & i’ll tell you now it’s you i’ve sought!

🙂 🙂 🙂 such is the dream of…hApPiNeSs 🙂 🙂 🙂

(c) Ed Simkins

Norwegian Bikini

It’s taken all afternoon to conquer the small land of Norway,

With those girls in the pool & the fire in the sky.

Each cloud is a conquest, riding high on the wall.

When the telephone whispers and the white lights appear

I see who has called and it’s no-one at all

Just a dream in a mirror, of a memory formed.

Out on the vista’s from the weights and the windows,

I look down on the girls in their skimpy bikinis

Swimming and laughing and combing their hair.

The one in the ribbons, collected my sight

And gave me visions of a beauty, undressed in the night

And her body was naked and perfectly formed.

& as i browse through the mountains & drink up the colours

I hold her in passion and with hands on her waist

I feel how to tease & explore sacred land

& with a smile that broadens and turns to the pictures

I kiss and seduce her, with a desire now engaged

& lie in her beauty, fire wall horizon

So her name is unknown & her address it is further,

This princess is a love ghost & one i posess

& like the sun in my photos, i feel her young love caress

Yet with the fall of the sun, she climbs out the water

And her arms are around me like the winds of today

And her head it does rest, and my arms do surrender

For this princess in my pictures, this angel in my dreams

This siren who doesn’t know me, this lady who gleams

She is my Norway! & She is my girl!

(c) Ed Simkins

A simple hidden letter that you wont understand

your face is desire. with a softness and a cuteness and a sigh that makes me dream.

your button-like nose aches to be touched, a stretch of flesh that fingers glide

your porcelain cheeks which glow in pink, & a hint of soft red which sparks warmth in my heart

i love the softness of your pale white hairs, the line of your face & the curve of your cheek

i love when you smile and your dimples appear, i love how you giggle, when your shyness erupts

there’s the flow of your hair, my fingers desire, unlock and unwind and a passion you’ll find

that neck which allures. that neck for to bite, that neck which i’d scratch, that neck so white

but let me drown and let me sink, let me fool myself and in your eyes let me say…I love you!

Egyptian princess, hard lines that attract, black guidelines of desire, surround your gaze

Brilliant blue eyes of oceans and dreams, love flirts and smiles and worships

a broken heart exists within, when your eyes fill with tears & your motions are slow

and you surrender yourself to the death of the night.

i wish you would smile, i wish you would kiss, i wish each night that in my bed did you lay

for though secrets will kill & the dangers are many

know that i adore you & worship your face.

(c) Ed Simkins