When I Saw Your Face

I wonder who you are.

I wonder how your eyes tell your stories as you look back into the mirror.

I wonder how you kiss and tell the world I love you – when all you do is kill and maim and hurt and cry.

& then I saw your face tonight – Your sacred showcase of human paradise.

Your curls and teeth and lines which break my heart.

& I see you smile.

I see you swim. in thought, in hope. in drowning waters which flow.

& I hold you down. & watch as the waters fill your mind.

Your kiss was immaculate & your tenderness was a golden lie. “I love you!” you’d say.

I saw your face tonight. in my mind, as I slipped under, chasing after you.

& i reached for you.

you screamed. you kicked. but you never came back.

Your eyes broke me. Your beauty of such richness was such that I cried in every moment in which I took my breath.

& You were all.  You were life. You were the desire I held inside.

& chased.

But again, i saw your face tonight.

& a single, incredible, beautiful, perfect tear flowed.

I cupped your cheek. I tasted your neck. I brushed your gentle hair and inhaled the nectar of your sweet perfume.

My legs shook & my heart faltered. & i stuttered out the words to say hello.

& you climbed into my bath. you turned the water on. & you held my hand.

We kissed

& I held you down.

(c) Ed Simkins