A Touch

Gem played and teased and danced and laughed
& all the while the room grew darker with dreams of want
Blame the man who wanted her?
Or feel the love he holds for her?

She turns and dresses flow across the knees of desire
A soft fragrance from her braided hair.
Twenty seven and seventeen
Hunger ate at the man who wanted more.

Hands, soft in poise and urgent alarm, held back
But tortured mind broke the bonds of lust and lured in,
Skin of love!

She laughed surprised as flesh touched flesh
A gliding hand
A welcomed, unknown strangers hand
Curious, pleased, enticed.

Apology or ecstasy?

Apology or ecstasy?
A transcript of the midnight mass.
I held her.
Erotic spine stroked by fingers of the nerveless one.

So she smiled.
Warming of the heart began.
A troubled time in life.
Thoughts eroded by her naked skin beneath.

I caressed her.
Love was charging through the veins of fire.
Secrets in all its confused ways.
Secrets hidden trough manipulation.

I kissed her.
Crimson lips bled with the heat of desire.
Soft tenses mounted through the closing moments.
The snake bit its selected gem.

Shuddered nights of eternal bliss.
Hair of silk lies covered on his skin.
Chatter blankets every sordid deed with guilt.
But love enjoys its midday mass.

– uncontrolled & rambling.
© ed simkins