What can I do?

I hate these days without her.

In every moment in which I hadn’t a thought of work today
I thought of her.

I could see her smile.

I still can.

& I want to hold her.
– I really want to hold her.
To breathe her in.
To have her close beside me.

I hate these days.

I hate being without her.
Without seeing her happy & dancing and those little things which make my heart go giddy.

I play her memory
& repeat.
& repeat.
& repeat.

Can I tell her I love her tomorrow?
Could my eyes scream with longing and smile burn brightly when I see her
& tell her, shake her, hold her, stroke her.
I love her.

I really love her.

& I don’t know what to do.

– I’m sick without her
© ed simkins 2016