Girl of Atheneum

I held her down and made her smile.

Her fanciful expression danced around her wild face as she yelled my name.

She screamed for me to bite & in slow deliberation, I tasted flesh.

Then she paused in anguished delight and raised a smile & it was then that I fell in love.

This girl, this demon, this crazed desire had stood before me.

She had asked my name and searched my eyes.

She had turned the pages of the book that I was reading.

& She hummed and annoyed me as I wrote my name.

& oh lord, Oh Lord, you have sent an angel.

Her lips…!

Fluorescent invitations, nervous temples of sensual lust

I cannot refuse. & I cannot resist.

It was then, in that silent painful moment that she spoke. In garbled rhyme & hidden jest, but she spoke.

& she stole my heart. Sucked me in.

She is resting now on the ground beneath me. Her perfect naked legs caressing my eyes.

& She is everything to me. & God do I want her!

But the books are torn. & she’s crying

& On the final, twisted remains of a page forty-two

She has scrawled in lust her mind’s request

& I pause.

& I wander.

& I look down at her confused. & in love.

© Ed Simkins