Between Work & Play

cold dark days & headaches form,

brilliant lights explode in mind.

I’m off to war in but a moment,

where dogs and cats will be left behind.

dreams will run or skip and make me smile,

though shadows form in veiled mask!

repetitions blown from the four winds of time,

i sit here frozen, though happy, relaxed.

i could tell you a story of the famous girl,

but i know that tonight you may not care.

My vice is my own and the thoughts are known.

so i’ll just pop upstairs and change for war.

old man clothes, blazer, shirt,

black tie and watch, his pockets clean.

these garbs i’ll drop and out i go,

escape the ritual of a Friday sleep.

all in order to impress the world,

or perhaps i’d say, to make me feel

a slight sense of some human worth,

or if all goes well, the world will smile

& the day will be won, alongside the battle.

for the library’s clean, the kids sent home,

weekend is free and the dreams begin.

who knows what fantasies will blow this mind,

& tease our eyes with skin and heat!

Good night, good night, farewell & night!

~ Friday night & I’m shattered, but free!

(c) Ed Simkins


Bone and meat and frozen hands. these are the things that surround tonight.

a stone age cave with stone age man, wearing blankets to escape the dread.

i walked the miles and climbed the hills and saw the world outside.

whilst now inside i find myself curtained off and blue.

the lights are out and music plays, the orange flame has died.

so what news is brought, what events occur, aside a cycled thought of fun.

well none my friends, for day remains a quiet place of salvage

– such are Saturdays in this modern world.

with broken neck I axed a tree and placed it several times,

quarry dug and in mud i slid, the money of the farmers collected.

oh and dreams explored in morning light, such that memory forgets.

upon the cave wall in Lascaux, did i scribe my apparitions!

taylor swift did lie beside and talk to me of hiding,

her make up gone and she was born, a naked face was pleasing,

my father stopped a WW1 arrest as german soldiers came pounding

& civil war enactment brought distress without a gun

a horse requested, a chain was broke, a village unseen by death

i awoke to find that eight hours had passed and the star outside was shining.

& now i wonder how to conquer night, when all i know is frozen.

(c) Ed Simkins

~ today in the life of me.