At 9:33 & I’m still in Bed

After pleasant dreams & frugal sleep,
I awake & I cannot move!
I see her again & I know I’m obsessed!
This one girl who controls my dreaming mind,
I roll over in bed & with my mind’s illusion,
I see her!
I see her!
Her face do I see!
My bed is my jail & there’s much space inside,
In here she is smiling, & the blanket around.
Pulled up to her gaze & the blueness surrounds.
She laughs & she giggles & I fall ever deeper.
Yet there’s no need for a kiss, for a word she will say,
A secret we share, in a tease that she plays.
& in that moment I love, & with friction & deed,
I hold her & pull her & embrace her with love.
My darling sweet dream, my fanfared fantasy,
I want to smoother you in affection & hold you again!
I want my hands holding yours & your face all embarrassed,
I want you to sigh & declare, I want you to giggle & laugh.
& that neck & your cheek & your frivolous lips,
Would I worship with mine; & to feel you inside!
We would spend in these moments, those heartbeats of hope,
Such fun would we have in the play that we share!
Girl I think so much about you that my eyes now possess,
The body you stretch & the breasts which you hide,
& the beauty of your face & the joys of your mind,
I cannot escape this obsession that rules within me,
This simple crazed mind which dreams daily of thee,
I want you! I want you! Dear God, let her know!
This sweet feeling she gives me,
This life force that flows!

~ On awaking my mind was dreaming & thinking & obsessing about the girl I cannot tell.

(c) Ed Simkins

Perfection In White

Kissing the moon and watching her friends,

i smile and release this human pain.

i love this girl. i love her much.

her sweet innocence and perfect charms.

she stands above my forgotten doorstep and gazes down,

wonders at the world.

her friends are sweet but distant dreams. folk i like but never meet.

it’s her that rules & guides my world.

her pale face, so brilliant in its sternness,

but i can see the glint! i can see her cheekiness!

& Her modesty is mine & boy, tonight i am a God!

she talks to me you know; in whispers and secret riddles. she questions me!

she has seen my tears and seen my dreams, she has welcomed lovers & waved goodbye.

she has watched me skip across the night slain garden,

and laughed at my daftness and lost walks beyond.

& when i lie in some distant field, alone and silently philosophical,

she holds my hand & smiles for me.

i love her like my first born breath. for she is part of me. or i of her.

so much has she seen and so much to come.

she reminds me of my insignificance as she stands out there in utter perfection.

& she reminds of the truth. & of a beauty born; of life.

she is ever there. & she amazes me!

I look on her tonight and my breath escapes. Only an angel’s love can compare.

So i stand before her humble, & with a heart full of gratitude

& like a lover in the dark, with his girl encased in arms,

i smile & i worship her,

& i pray for yet another night.

~ Seeing the moon in all its glory above my garden as I return home

(c) Ed Simkins

Meeting Someone New

Volcanic smiles erupt on face,
A simple child with gorgeous toy,
A balloon it rises, or perhaps my heart?
A foolish man in brand new joy.
But though I know the rules and fate,
In simple ways I love to play!
For what else to do for wise old owl,
But dream from high and watch her past.
So he smiles in delight as the doors bring forth,
And out she pours, the fine young miss.
Her gratitude so fresh, the dream begins,
Upon the stairs a simple chat.
A mistake or two but roles are played;
He the knight who holds the sword
& she the lady, a maiden in white.
Together they escape and in the lot,
The carriage waits and words exchanged.
He smiles so bright, outshines the light,
Of stars, the moon and sleeping frogs,
Though none were kissed, he cannot care,
For drugs are took when damsel laughs.
And giggles play on wearied ears,
Each step they took he made his mark
And laughter flowed on crimson lips.
& then in ecstasy at pleasant dreams,
He walked away and told the world of such delight!
Her naked body, so fine and young,
So toned and fresh, electric views and solid mind.
Her dark alluring pony tail,
Her pretty face with eyes that stole,
My heart and all my mind that swooned,
And hence I grinned from earth to moon,
Her name not known, but lesson learnt,
A sweet delicious memory earned!

~ The perks of Yoga!

(c) Ed Simkins

:) Happiness In Books :)

I couldn’t help but grin, for god was watching from the corner of the room.

He loves books as much as me you see.

He smiled and laughed and my cheeks grinned as she walked into the room.

I find it difficult now to say, but my face explains it all. Alight & burning smiles, a volcano to the world.

Egyptian replacement was back today. A mystery enshrined in beauty.

Boy, my God was happy! He danced and skipped and clapped his hands, oh how he loves to tease!

I pinned her down, but only by her sweet smooth shoulders did I touch..

Her dress was closed and beautiful, her eyes were flames of youth.

She smiled.

God closed in and watched. What a kick he was getting out of this. His Imagination burned.

She giggled and laughed and her sexy body wriggled like a dancing dream.

Oh how the sun shone through that morning haze.

Books were ripped and thrashed and pages turned and skipped. Her tender, delicious neck alive in childish girlish heat.

& God clapped & bounced with joy. That fool who loved to play.

Her ticklish behaviour aroused suspicion, much merriment & joy.  She stood & smiled.

Egyptian hair & eyes of stars, her pale flesh was yet to sweat, though fire raged on crimson lips.

She spoke & thanked me of my kindness, she giggled once and hugged me well.

I stroked her neck & wished her luck as her journey began in earnest.

Immaculate paintings and soft voice recall a hour or two of loving meditation with her.

& In sad demise did God approach and ask me how i felt.

I replied with keenness & foolish grin of how i wish to repeat and more.

& God’s angel left the library soon & books in hand collected

I sat and dreamt and dreamed some more and yellow hair was gone.

(c) Ed Simkins

~ the pleasure of beauty & books

a DeViLiSh DeSiRe!

It’s tempting to kiss her. but how much would you laugh if i did?

How much would the world scream and shout and break my bones?

How much would i enjoy it? & with that. I smile.

You see delusions are fun. Devilish. Exciting.

& Around her i’m nervous; I stutter. & the dreams I’d like to get across skim and crash upon the floor like crazed Kamikazes shot down by the look in her eyes.

It doesn’t matter I guess. I wont kiss her. Not yet.

Maybe it’s too easy. Maybe she’d just say yes. Maybe she thinks the same & likes to tease and play and stroke with that delightful hair just to make me squirm. Maybe.

But i doubt it.

She smiles.

She laughs and she plays and she calls my name, though how much would she run if she knew of the devil?

Last night her sister kissed me. A slow delicate playful little mouth. A snake from my youth. That’s what i pondered as our tongues intertwined.

but i didn’t like her.

I mean she was sexy in a strange, unfathomable way…& that made her laugh. or maybe it was tears.

i never did see her again.

So now i peruse the face of the other one. THE one.

& she likes me. she tells me! i know.

– She skips and dances and fools around! & she sends me notes and wears that lipstick.

You know the one…


& I smile.

(c) Ed Simkins

Eyes of the Night

young girl sleeps in naked form. eyes watch. candles flicker.

shadows dance a midnight secret. truth to be told or his hands just kept still?

girl from next door sleeps on pillow below. a fantasy tempting but no-one will know.

her long soft hair flows through the bed. ends of torment lead to unknown.

not much time before his secret explodes. new dreams ferment & loving hands roam.

a gentle light kisses her shoulder. a touch of caress from a skin much older.

friend of a friend lies silently beneath. this child of an angel who followed her lead.

so simple to taste her, her lips sweet formation.

but resistance is kept, pleasured stimulation.

enough for tonight just to sit & watch her.

a lingering pressure & a soft delicate hand.

kiss goodnight to her gently, his minds eye engorged.

candle is taken & darkness withholds her.

a blanket smile across her form & slowly, carefully, the old man withdraws.

(c) Ed Simkins

On Returning Home…

Hey useless!

if i started to tell you that ‘you’re full of shit!’ would you laugh and giggle just like you should?

& if i smacked your head because you pissed me off would you roll your eyes and flirt some more?

& if pushed you away and screamed at you ‘Bitch!’, would you still climb the stairs off up to our bed?

well, it’s been a long day you see & my fucking meal is late & the house is a bloody mess!

so i wonder if you care or another replacement should i find.

and your music is blasting and the mail unopened and therefore should i consider what it is you provide?

for when i’m out and a-working what the hell do you do? how much money do you raise? & who’s fucking you?

oh, did i swear? did i say something wrong? or am i just playing that role you that love?

the one of the old guy, the one who takes control. the old man with money who just comes along

and plays with his girl, makes her cry and then laugh, the one with the muscles, the one who’s just daft.

is this the role you want me to play? am i doing well? have i made your day?

you’re a funny little girl, with your curious deeds, being mother all day then loving me.

i guess we should marry, but what would that change?

& yes, i’m smiling at you cause you drive me insane.

ah thank you babe, the dinner’s done!….& what’s that for afters?

oh yeah. it’s time for your fun! 😉

– i do love you!


(c) Ed Simkins

A Wake Up Call With Smiles

morning, morning! – yes an unscheduled surprise! but i just couldn’t resist you & your beautiful eyes!

& yes i’m on your bed and i’m jumping with glee! & yes i’m crazy, so just come dance with me!

why be lazy? why be cute? why lie in bed all zonked and mute?

just look at you in your pyjamas again; you’re definitely now just more than a friend!

& i want to hold your hands and swirl around and bounce and clap to what we’ve found!

for last nights bliss has woken me and set this smile of mine all free!

i’m grinning today, i’m grinning insane! your sexy body has frazzled my brain!

i’ll not describe each pleasure enjoyed, or even the teasing & NOT the toys!

you made me laugh, you made me giggle, i REALLY loved the way you wriggled!

to music loud and laughter light, I really hope for another night!

but today my dream, the sun is up & yes my love, your coffee cup

is ready waiting with toast and jam, because in love with you I really am!

and smiles and teeth are the things i show, to make you see that love has grown

and today in all this open time, i’ll enjoy you girl, for you are mine!

so wakey wakey! get out of bed! let me kiss that weary, delicious head

that scrumptious skull of fantasy, with darling eyes that smile at me!

so good morning, good morning! what a day we’ve got! & despite the winter, you know it’s HOT!

so these hugs of mine are thrown and caught, & i’ll tell you now it’s you i’ve sought!

🙂 🙂 🙂 such is the dream of…hApPiNeSs 🙂 🙂 🙂

(c) Ed Simkins

Seraph Begin

your naked fingers glide and laugh. i’m teased by the brilliance of your soft wet kisses.

& i smile. & i escape.

the madness that revolves around the world outside ceases at my door, as you stand there.

stripped of thought and body taut, you tease my face. & drunk and drugged, your disrobed love inflames my famished senses.

& i smile. & i grin. & i want you.

but people scream and strangers run & the street outside is set alight. & the war is fought by blooded barons and poisoned narcotic-filled fanatics.

but in here…oh, in here!

Within this shallow grave, against your feminine approach, i find my mind surrounded by your soothe sensual sex appeal & your raucous dominant desire.

& together, we smile.

your hands – strict silken gloves across my wanton skin,  my tired eyes bathe in your delicate affection.

the shouts of death and thuds of destruction fly past the broken window as we begin to love.

& your eyes sparkle & the moment engulfs us.

Standing close against my mortal frame, your electric eyes ensnare; studying, desiring, daring, taunting.

& our hungry hearts pound as our minds dream, scream & declare their youthful yearning.

the immediate beauty of the silence around us drowns us.

for when the world outside ignites, your naked body and graceful dreams immerse my fears in a blanket of lust & love and slow, compassionate embraces.

& i hunger for you.

Seraph begin.

(c) Ed Simkins

*the nine o’clock shift*

Orange juice and softness, a gentle demise & a knowing smile in tonight’s darkening gloom.

Such is happiness!

Fireside candles glowing, flickering, playing besides this weary, well-worn body.

& I am happy!

Another night, another day, another secret for me to tell – & i know you like my secrets to be told – & so i tell.

…That dress!

That wicked, playful, guarded gate to the joyful garden of blissful death. How i laugh in amusement with the dreams i have had!

We spoke today. & we kissed. & she held my hand and squeezed it thoughtfully. Her eyes never leaving mine!

& though you can’t see my eyes smile right now, alight in strong flames do they glow…& sing…& dream.

& the background music plays again. for like desire, it burns in repetition & leads me in to a deep, dark, sweet joyful loss of mind!

& then to her.

In her slim summer dress she sings. She twirls and dances and skips and smiles.

& my mouth reacts in tortured insanity!

& her thighs! How I love those thighs!

Or at least i am teased by the sight of the skin that slides towards her provocative thighs! & i laugh!

& then her arms! – oh, tender, charming, playful, toned controllers of my mind!

ah…& i sit here. & like a lunatic, I grin again! Wider! Brighter!

& with insane delusions, I dream of that dress each day, until in my mind, her warm soft skin reveals its touch to my mine & her sweet young face glimmers in innocent delight.

She smiles once more & she is gone.

& i am truly happy inside

For I have met her once before & loved her well.

& so I will again.

I promise.

(c) Ed Simkins