to you my secret fantasy

perfection & simple beauty.

i love you.

words that flow and cover me in delight. i seek to hold you.

i seek to kiss. to taste your love in a single chance.

would i dare?

should i?

i have fallen for you! & my mind’s eye sees you smile in it’s nightly dreams.

your beauteous form excites me and the irrelevance of the moment is but an agony away,

i would die in the moment that we touch. our eyes locked. eyes suggesting. eyes talking.

i love you.

are you aware of the passion that forms and flows and bubbles through the air in which we speak?

& how do you feel when i make you laugh or when i hold your pretty little hand?

Let me tell you that my hands are desperate to cup your face

to follow the gentle contours of your skin.

i don’t care that no-one listens, but let me know you feel this craze when we smile.

When WE smile


come sit beside me and let us talk. let us chat and let us laugh.

let us build our bubble when the world forgets. when we can be alone.

let me tell of you the sixteen billion things about you that i love.

that i adore.

if only you were here now.

then you would know of the magic i hold for you.

of the world that i would present in all its splendour and all its ways.

and gather roses of such wondrous brilliance that you would think that love exists.

& it does.

for you.

so allow this tender kiss to touch those lips. & let me see you smile once more.

for i cannot escape the knowledge of your being. or of the longing for you that builds up within.

i love you.

(c) Ed Simkins

~ can’t get you out of my mind. and honestly, i don’t want to!