Secret Eyes

I love the fact that your turn your head to see me.

Each time you smile, & without acknowledgement to the crowd around us, i die a happy death!

I can never decide if I should come across & kiss you. to show you how i feel. to make that mistake.

I know that I’m not allowed. but how easily i could & i would & …oh! 🙂

It’s a simple truth that your beauty radiates through the cold, still room. & no-one notices.

No-one But i.

& How, how I love our secret! How I love to whisper discreet impositions into your angelic, delicate little ear.  How i’d love to stroke your hair, uncurl it and tease you & hold you. & more.

But it’s a secret I hold to. I must.

& I’ll gladly watch you. I’ll kiss your smile each time you look at me.

Each time you wink. Each time you motion a soft phrase of delight and send it my way.

One day you’ll say ‘please’ & then a king, your king, will i be.

Oh how those tender eyes tell me that story & how i dream upon your gaze!

How I dream!

(c) Ed Simkins

To laugh or to Smile

To laugh or to smile? – I’m undecided!

You see…

Be it the gun in your hand or the look on your face, I love how you stalk me from my work to my place,

& you’re a funny girl just like cute Taylor Swift; a rebellious lover & a beautiful gift

You know how to fight, you know how to play. You know how to deliver a spiritual bouquet!

So why point that thing straight up at me, when you know that i’ll kiss you without a need for a plea?

You know that I’ll bow & I’ll hug and I’ll chase, You know you’re my girl, my own mental case.

& You’re lipstick is perfect, my favourite delight. I breathe you in and my god, I’m Buddha tonight!

I am laughing my girl, & it’s true that I am! You’re a princess you see, just look at this man!

But seriously Delia, you gotta put down that gun. That pistol with vengeance is teasing no-one!

Sigh – for you hold me, your nails entwine, & your hair is approaching & your senses are mine.

Will you kiss me again with that look on your face? Or you likely to shoot me, paint hate on my face?

But now that you’re grinning, I’m feeling alive & wondering my love if you’ll keep me alive!

You’re playful & teasing & naughty my rogue, & your cute little mannerisms, completely in vogue

With you I’m in love though you still hold that gun, & you wont give it back til you’ve milked it just some!

So an impasse it seems between true love & hate, & I wonder Dear Reader, what you’d write down as fate?

For us to be one and a happy dream in your mind, or just a fucked up mess, another fantasy resigned.

–  I wonder.

(c) Ed Simkins